"The perfect fundraiser combines profitability with quality, product recognition, 
and a simple sales process." 

Millican Pecan Company makes that a reality. Here is how Millican Pecan Company will provide a unique fundraising experience for your organization or business.

Millican Pecan Company uses only 100% Texas Quality Pecans in our candies, pies, and honey butters. Harvested from our local orchards, you will not find a more flavorful, higher quality pecan. 

Millican Pecan Company provides a varied array of products for you to sell. Our entire inventory of products is available to you. From simple fresh pecan halves and pieces to extraordinary candies, gift tins and pies, your customer will have a wide selection of mouth watering choices. Pecans and candies are a great fundraising effort for any organization. We have selected our most popular treats and tins to include in our fundraising brochure. With 22 products, selling from our selection will be simple and trouble free. From the sweetness of our candy to the crunchy pecan halves, it will be easy to sell to most anyone with our wide selection. 

Nutrition and Flavor 
Texas pecans are notable for good taste and are historically the pecan of choice for fundraising. Recent studies provide another attribute: Nutrition. The added benefit of zero cholesterol and oleic oil, (the same type oil as olive oil), make pecans an excellent choice for your health conscious customers.  (more) 

National Recognition 
Millican Pecan Company has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Bon Apettit and seen by millions on the Food Network. Our notoriety provides product recognition and confidence not found with most fundraising products. Let our success be part of your success!  (more) 

Value Creates Profit 
Combining Quality, Selection, Nutrition, Fresh Flavor and Public Awareness, Millican Pecan Company establishes the highest value for your fundraising efforts. Value means profit for your organization or business and significant satisfaction for your customer. 

Millican Pecan Company desires to be the source for your fundraising success, please contact us at 866/484-6358, or email fundraising@PecanCompany.com.