Pecan Pieces

Millican Pecan Co.
Our fancy pecan pieces are perfect for pecan pie recipes. These naturally broken pecan nut meats will turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Save the pecan halves and save some money by buying our premium pecan pieces. These nuts will make your recipes come alive with flavor and are sure to please the most demanding cook!  While shelling pecan halves, fragments of nut meat that break are known to the industry as pecan pieces. They are sized with a mesh screen and sorted for color and shell to make ready the pecan pieces for sale. Choose from large pecan pieces or medium pieces pieces. Our bulk pecan pieces are packaged in 30 pound boxes and are available at wholesale pecan prices.   Why buy pecan pieces? Pecan trees, unlike almonds and cashews, are the only nut that is native to north america. When you buy from Millican Pecan, you are buying quality. 

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